Special Education Resources

New Parent Mentor Data Collection

This video explains the initial education evaluation process and purpose. Parent Mentor’s roles are highlighted, along with options that the family has once the evaluation is complete. Other topics covered include; the evaluation roadmap and eligibility. This video was created by The Ohio Department of Education and the training was developed by Parent Mentors. 

The Power of Language Nourishing Development of the Whole Child

Ohio Department of Education 2019 Literacy Academy Conference June 2019 [88 minutes]





The Evaluation Roadmap

The evaluation process may feel complicated, and there are many key stops along the way. Ohio Parent Mentor created this Evaluation Roadmap to help guide your journey.


A Guide to Parents Rights in Special Education

The Ohio Department of Education developed a new special education procedural safeguards notice, A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education, for district and parent use.

Are You Thinking About Requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation

This chart shows the different scenarios that occur when you request an evaluation outside of the school for your child. 

Facilitation Information Sheet

Facilitation takes place in a team meeting such as an individualized education program (IEP) team meeting, evaluation planning meeting or an evaluation team meeting. The facilitator is a neutral, third party who is not a member of the team and does not make any decisions for the team. 

Mediation Information Sheet

Mediation is a meeting where parents and schools agree to have a neutral, third party (a professional mediator) come to a meeting to help them resolve disagreements about the education of a student with a disability or a student who might have a disability. Mediation is available to parents and schools any time there is disagreement. 

13 Categories of Special Education

There are 13 categories of special education as defined by Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In order to qualify for special education, the evaluation team must determine one of the categories in the PDF. 

Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

This video reframes a trauma perspective in terms of learning brain versus survival brain as a way to make it easier for teachers to talk about trauma with students.