Building Level Support

Here you will find school or district wide resources for your students in the areas of reading, literacy and math.

Reading and Literacy Resources

Reading is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental is committed to a literate America by inspiring a passion for reading among all children, providing quality content to make an impact and engaging communities in the solution to give every child the fundamentals for success.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink’s mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.

Ohio Department of Education: Literacy Academy Conference Sessions

Math Resources

Exploding Dots

Exploding Dots is the name of an astounding mathematical story that starts at the very beginning of mathematics – it assumes nothing – and swiftly takes you a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, high-school polynomials algebra, infinite sums, and advanced mathematics and unsolved research problems baffling mathematicians still to this day.

It starts with the mathematics you already know and transforms it in astounding new light. You and your students will immediately see the power YOU EACH have to play with and understand advanced mathematics with absolute ease.

STatistics Education Web (STEW)

STatistics Education Web (STEW) is an online resource that provides peer-reviewed lesson plans for anyone who teaches statistical concepts in their classrooms. This includes K–12 math, science, and social studies teachers, as well as teachers at the college level.


Youcubed’s main goal is to inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on maths learning into accessible and practical forms.

Ohio Graduation Resources

Ohio's Graduation Requirements

State law introduced new, permanent graduation requirements that are available for the classes of 2021 and beyond.